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February 23, 2018

I regularly tell people that I used to be very sick but that my disease is now well controlled.  I tell people that I used to be in a great deal of pain every day, but now I’m able to live a somewhat normal life.  I know these are true statements, but I guess I sometimes need a reminder of just how bad things were.

Yesterday, the weather in New York broke all records by being over 70*F.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  It smelled like spring and my sewing room actually could have been considered “stuffy” until I opened all of the windows.

Today, schools were closed due to ice and snow.   We had a 40* temperature drop in less than 12 hours with wicked weather following it.


wicked witch pain

I know that this pain is nothing compared to the pain I used to live with daily, but it was enough to keep me in bed until noonish.  My to-do list for tomorrow looks a lot like it did today because I was able to accomplish oh-so-little.

In short:  I’m in terrible pain and I’m praising God for the daily excruciating pain He’s removed from my life.  Even if/when my health takes a nose dive, I’ve already had 10 amazing months that I never expected to have.

I’m huddled on the sofa with heating pads to keep me from weeping, and life is beautiful.


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