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Relapsing Polychondritis is like…

January 31, 2018

Being able to attend an evening meeting in NYC and also being able to go early to have some fun in the city while I’m there. 

RP is also having to rest in a coffee shop for 1.5 hours because you are still recovering from infusions

RP is like having an energizing evening business meeting that makes me excited to go to work tomorrow. 

RP is also like having to take a taxi to the train station because I have a horrible case of Tuesday (fatigue from Monday medication)

RP is like being calm when the train you are on is in an accident and you are stuck on the train for 2 hours until they clear the tracks. What is a 2 hour delay when I’ve battled RP for 5.5 years and gained perspective on life?

RP is also like trying to not be sick on the train when the terrible case of Tuesday causes sudden violent nausea. 

That’s just today. 

Tomorrow RP will be like canceling my morning appointments because the delayed train kept me out past 1am. I will need to stay in bed for 9-10 hours to recover from today and that takes me to noon!

For the next week, RP will be like hoping no one got me sick. NYC is a busy, bustling place and its peak flu season. I’m on immunosuppressants and at risk of catching everything. 

RP is like… the gift that keeps on giving. 


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