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I Miss my Appetite

September 12, 2017

I’m on a business trip and work is going great.  YAY ME!

Food and I are seriously unhappy with each other right now.  My work requires a great deal of energy so I need to eat.  Sigh.

  • I can normally swallow fizzy drinks, but not this week.
  • I normally can eat PB&J even on my worst days, but no.
  • I enjoy fruit, but that hasn’t worked.
  • Last week, I was able to survive on ice cream.  That was last week.
  • On bad days I can eat mild pizza.  I bought a pizza yesterday and took exactly one bite.

With the time I’m not spending eating, I plan to catch up on my sleep.  Maybe I’ll be able to ingest a few calories tomorrow?


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One Comment
  1. Carole Boshart permalink

    There is an ongoing discussion on the support website about appetite problems. Long story short, you are not alone. And it is at times like this that chocolate was made for!

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