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September 10, 2017
  1. Is it better to wake my husband up at 4am to fetch my anti-nausea meds or to be sick on the floor whilst crawling to get them myself?
  2. Who can I thank for developing these amazing anti-nausea drugs to counter effects from infusions like mine?
  3. Now that I’m not actively unwell I am hungry, but what do I want to eat?
  4. How many different foods will my husband cook and place in front of me before we find one I can imagine eating?
  5. Since I’m leaving town for work tomorrow, how much packing can I accomplish without lifting my head from my pillow?

So basically, I’m at THAT stage of my treatment.  Since my diseases are calm and medication side effects are my only problems, this feels a lot like complaining.  But then again if I liked being nauseous all of the time, that would be weird, right?


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