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Keeping Score

May 5, 2017

I try to take things one at a time, but sometimes they gang up on me.  I have to give my husband the scorecard of what illnesses/injuries are attacking me and who is winning (usually THEM, not me) at any given time.

Here’s today’s scorecard:

Relapsing Polychondritis — tie
The disease is quiet and that. Is. AWESOME!   I haven’t had a flare up since July/August or thereabouts.  Score one for me.  I just finished my last infusion for this round.  This month of treatment has been much more dreadful than any of the previous ones.   Score one for RP.  Splitting headaches, not being able to get my head off the pillow, dizziness, nausea, etc.  I think I’m winding down on the symptoms and will have 16 blessed weeks before I have to do this all over again.  YAY!

Fibromyalgia — tie
About 10 days ago I cried “Uncle!” and started taking drugs for the pain.  The drugs make me tired, dizzy, nauseous, and unhungry (I couldn’t make ‘lose my appetite’ fit into the sentence structure).  Score one for Fibro.  Over a week later, I’m starting to get the benefit of these drugs.  Today is a perfectly awful weather day, one that would typically leave me curled in a ball waiting to die.  While today isn’t my favorite day ever, I’m functioning.  Score one for me!  I’ve lost 7 pounds from not eating.  The doctor thinks it’s a problem; I say “Thanks for the weight loss.”  She wants me to call her when it gets bad.  I won’t declare it bad until I’ve achieved my goal weight, so I’ll keep quiet for a year or two.  Score = undecided.

Trigger finger — I lost
I have a trigger finger that leaves me looking like Spider Man shooting his web.

I had a cortisone injection yesterday*, but it hasn’t helped.  So far, I’m losing.  I can have one more injection and then I’ll need surgery.  Since I work with my hands, I choose to not think about that right now.  It’s not too much trouble to reach over with my other hand and move my ring finger out of the way every time I want to work, open a door, type, hold a pencil,…

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Knee — I’m winning for now
My grinding knee isn’t currently grinding.  I can walk down stairs almost normally.  I can walk upstairs almost normally most of the time.  I’m far from fine, but only stairs are a problem and then only sometimes.  This is a temporary victory.  The knee is bad and will only get worse, but I enjoy being able to ignore it for now.

* Fun Story:  As the doctor was preparing to give me the injection yesterday, she said, “This is going to hurt.”  After she stuck the needle in my hand, she said, “This is going to hurt more,” and depressed the plunger.  As she was bandaging my hand, she said, “You’re tough!  Most people scream when I do that.”  Hear. Me. Roar!


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