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Good News / Bad News

April 25, 2017

A week after my last infusion, I have decided that this was the worst one ever.  Migraine-like pain the night of the infusion, morning-sickness-like nausea for a week.  Overwhelming fatigue.  As my husband reminded me, I have been far sicker (with pneumonia, E. Coli, and when my Relapsing Polychondritis was ruining my life) but as I reminded him, that doesn’t make it fun.  Can you imagine the witty marital banter that surrounded that conversation?

A week after my last infusion, I have some news.

Good News:  The “what’s that smell?” nausea has lifted and I’m able to eat without as much fear.

Bad News:  The steroids in my IV are wearing off and I’m feeling pain again.

Badder News:  The weather hates me.  A whole lot.  I’m barely moving today and I hate the weather right back.

Good News:  I don’t have anywhere I need to be so I am working at home at my own slower-than-a-snail pace.

Bad News:  I have another infusion next Monday.

Optimistic News:  Maybe I will be able to call that one the easiest one yet?

The Best News:  Everything I’m dealing with is just physical discomfort.  Nothing going on in my body right now is destroying it or shortening my life.

I win!


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