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Allow Me to Explain

April 13, 2017

I mentioned to some people tonight that it was the first time since starting my infusions that my Relapsing Polychondritis hasn’t flared up between infusions.  This is most excellent news and they agreed!

Them:  “We’re so glad you are feeling better!”

Me:  “Well…. I’m not actually feeling better.  In fact, I feel pretty awful pretty much all of the time.  But that’s just my fibromyalgia acting up.  It’s only pain so no big deal.”

They got really confused looks on their faces.  How do I explain to them that my RP wants to kill me and I’m celebrating that it’s quiet and hasn’t progressed this season while I’m in severe pain from my stupid fibromyalgia that doesn’t want to kill me and that, in the balance, this is all good news?


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