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Wanna Hear a Joke?

April 11, 2017

Today is my first day of 29 days at home.  I’m so excited!

The weather is getting warmer and I don’t feel awful and I have 29 days at home.  This makes me feel like I might be able to improve my health by eating well and moving more.  Heck, I might even lose a few pounds!

Then I remembered that I’m home for 29 days because I have a series of infusions coming up.  These treatments involve high doses of steroids.

For a few minutes today, though, I thought that I’d be able to lose some weight while drowning in steroids.

Funny, right?


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  1. Carole Boshart permalink

    Actually, I’m more impressed that it is getting warmer in your part of the country! Out here in the far west, it is still cold and wet! Sure, you could starve yourself and lose a few pounds while taking in the infusions. But maybe it is a good trade off – stay the weight you are and take in some medication that may make the next 290 days! a lot more bearable! Blessings and hugs as you enjoy the time at home!

    • Today will be in the 80s. Soon the lows will be back in the high 30s. We’re not in the clear yet…

      • Carole Boshart permalink

        We are lucky if the highs are in the 60’s, Of course the lows are only in the 40’s, What gets to me is the cold wet. Hoping for better weather by May!

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