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Just In Case

February 13, 2017

I am a rather organized person and I love figuring out better ways to get things done.  This can be a challenge with a chronic illness that keeps me guessing on how I’ll be feeling tomorrow, but that same chronic illness makes being prepared even more important!

My husband and I are empty nesters I have nearly perfected my laundry system.  It seems to do itself and I never have piles of dirty laundry (remember, we’re empty nesters so no little ones add to the laundry piles).  Recently, my dryer broke and I wasn’t frazzled because all of our clothes were clean and this was no big deal  I could skip a few days of laundry and not be terribly behind.  Today we are expecting weather-related power outages, but all of my clothes are clean so laundry won’t be a problem (everything else will be, but not laundry).  I know folks who are evacuating in CA and also folks who are housing the evacuees.  If I were evacuating, I’d want to have clean clothes to take with me.  If I were housing evacuees, I’d want to know my sheets and towels were all clean so I wouldn’t stress too much about unexpected houseguests.

I’m trying to get as organized with my meal plan and my housecleaning, but still have room for improvement.  Stress makes my Relapsing Polychondritis flare up and limiting stress is one of my top priorities.  Knowing that the unexpected will happen makes me want to prepare for it as much as I possibly can.

Resources: has some great resources on keeping on top of daily household chores. and the book Getting Things Done has helped me keep my paperwork and tasks organized.




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