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No Rest for the Weary

January 5, 2017

Today I got my hearing aids.  It was more tiring and emotional than I expected.  I want to sleep for a month!  Instead, I go to the doctor again tomorrow.

We will discuss changing my RP medications.  She wants me flare-free.  I’m definitely not.  I am afraid to change meds because this one works mostly, sort of.  Things could be (and have been!) far, far worse.  We’ll see who wins this argument tomorrow.

We will discuss adding more medications for fibromyalgia.  I’ve put this off for a while, trying all manner of things that weren’t daily medications with significant side effects.  I haven’t had the results I’ve wanted from alternative treatments and might have to add yet another medication to my daily handful.

We will discuss my horrible, rotten, no-good knee.  I am scared to death that surgery is the answer because I like breathing.  The human trachea is made of cartilage and being intubated has serious risks… like breathing forever through a hole in  my neck.  This, no kidding, is my biggest fear about RP — losing my trachea.

I changed my mind about wanting to sleep for a month.  I want to sleep for TWO months now!


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