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I Didn’t Know That

January 5, 2017

I didn’t know that my cauliflower ear would make a hearing aid not fit well.  I should have known, but I didn’t.  Now I do.

I didn’t know that wild, long, curly hair scratches against the microphone of the hearing aid and makes a muffled scratching noise.  I know this now.

I didn’t know that the keys of my keyboard click when I type… very, very loudly.

I didn’t know that water made noise when it came out of the faucet.  I know this now.

I didn’t know that my car beeped when the keys were left in with the door open.  I know this now.

I didn’t know that my furnace made a buzzing noise as it ignited.  I know this now.

I didn’t know that the world in general is very, very loud.  It is.

I didn’t know that it was going to take me (hopefully only) a few weeks to get used to this new, loud world.

I didn’t know that I could sit in a quiet room (I normally run Netflix through my laptop just for noise) and concentrate enough to write a blog post without the tinnitus making me want to bang my head into a brick wall.  I can.  The ringing is reduced, and with some adjustment I think it can go away completely.


I don’t feel relief yet.  I’m too tired.  Hearing is EXHAUSTING!


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  1. June permalink

    My cochlear is like that. I need to find some wig tape or something and find one I’m not allergic to to keep it on. If you find a solution for keeping in on your head let us know!

  2. Carole Boshart permalink

    Oh sweet! I am sorry the “hearing” world is being hard to take! I know when I tried my hearing aids I could not believe how noisy everything was! With the pain that they caused in my ears and the overwhelming sound of just everything, I could not adjust. Hoping and praying that things go much better for you!

    • I think this transition will be easier than my line-less bifocals. This is a win, but I’ve had far too much input for one day.

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