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Not my best day ever

November 20, 2016

Maybe I’m being overly dramatic, but….  Everything hurts and I’m dying.

This could be because

  • bad weather is on the way
  • it’s time for my next infusion and the last one isn’t working any more
  • I’m old
  • I’m working a lot

Whatever caused me to have to remain seated while working all day today, I didn’t like it. I didn’t like not being able to get out  of the chair.  I didn’t like not being able to walk.  No I didn’t, not one little bit.

I’m writing this from bed before 8pm.  Hopefully I’l get to sleep early and wake up feeling a bit better… or at least not worse.

I promise to be upbeat and make Relapsing Polychondritis look sexy again, but it won’t be today.


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  1. Carole Boshart permalink

    You are not dying. Now, that could be a good thing – living is good! Or it could be a bad thing – you will continue to hurt. Bad weather is, well, bad. An infusion might help – but then there are the side effects of that. Back to the “I’m dying!” thing. By the way, RP is not sexy. Unless you are very good at playing “Camille” , then maybe. Few people can look sexy while they feel like they are dying. Not sure why this is. As to waking up in the morning and feeling better, not worse. Well, you thought you were dying. Any way of feeling has got to be better than that! Hugs and a kiss for your forehead!

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