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I spoke too soon!

October 4, 2016

Last weekend was one of my hardest working weekends of the year.  Tons of prep work and set up, 12 hour days of super-high energy work, followed by breakdown and carrying 50-75 pound boxes.

I.  Am.  Tired.

And a little scared, too.  Expending that much energy at once could trigger a flare up of one (or more) of my diseases.

I was in pain and completely exhausted when I got home from work yesterday and planned to sleep as long as I was able this morning.  I did exactly that.  I worked from home today and at a very slow pace, too.

When my husband came home tonight as asked how I was feeling, I replied “Really good!”  Then I ran upstairs to change clothes because we had to go out tonight to buy a new oven (since ours died the big death yesterday).

After I came back downstairs, I had to admit to my husband that “Really good!” was a bit of an overstatement.  I basically sat in a super-comfy desk chair all day and didn’t move.  As soon as I started moving (stairs + changing clothes), however, things started hurting and I realized that I might have spoken too soon.

I tried walking through the store tonight and nearly dropped over from the pain.  Once I slowed the walking to a near crawl, I was able to do my shopping.  Fortunately, my husband and I both find stuff like that funny rather than sad so we were cracking jokes about how speedy I wasn’t.  “Don’t wait for me; I’ll catch up!” was answered by “Why don’t you head for the car now and I’ll be there in an hour?”  Again, this was all in fun.

So…. I think something is flaring up.  I am not traveling for work for another 10 days so I plan to hunker down at home and take things as easy as I possibly can.  Hopefully after a few days, I can truthfully say that I’m feeling “Really good!” and mean it!


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