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A Running Report

August 2, 2016

I had an infusion this morning.  I’ve written about what it’s like to have an infusion, but I’ve never really written about what it’s like AFTER I have an infusion.  So, I’m keeping a running tab of the strange things that happen to my body in the 12 hours after an infusion.  Many people imagine that I spend the evening on the bathroom floor, sick for hours.  Thankfully, that’s not the case.  But just because I don’t hug the toilet for hours doesn’t mean that the infusion doesn’t ruin my day.  Here are some of the things that I enjoy after an infusion:

  1.  Groggy from meds.  I didn’t sleep during the infusion as much as I normally do.  There were several medical emergencies (other infusion patients) and there was so much commotion with all of those bodies in one small room.  I feel more tired than usual.
  2. Sore/tight throat from reaction to meds.  My throat no longer closes up, but I like to have a frozen drink to sip on after I leave the infusion.  Fortunately/unfortunately, it is a long drive to/from the hospital and there are several establishments willing to sell me a cool beverage.
  3. Dizzy from meds.  Standing and walking are fun.  I am home puttering around my craft room.  I’m mostly sitting, but I’m very careful as I stand up to move around.
  4. Stabbing headache from meds.  I always forget that one is coming (I get this every single time) and then… BAM!  This is kind of the mother of all headaches.
  5. Hot flashes.  I’m nearly 50 so I’m familiar with the concept, but these flashes feel like the skin of my face is on fire.  Sexy, right?
  6. Did I mention the headache?  Because… wow.
  7. Gastrointestinal distress.  How… charming.
  8. No, really.  The headache.
  9. Heartburn.  I eat a fairly bland diet to try and avoid this, and yet…
  10. Sleeplessness.  Once the grogginess wears off, I get the sleeplessness.  I think I would enjoy all of the above symptoms more if I hadn’t just had a huge old bag of IV steroids.  You see, those steroids keep me from sleeping and sleeping through these after-effects would make them oh so much more fun.

Well, that’s Infusion:  Day One.  I think I might be able to sleep before the sun comes up.  Hopefully I can get a good long sleep and wake up with fewer of these effects in the (late, hopefully nearing noon) morning.


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  1. Ugh did that nap happen?
    Sounds awful……so sorry Debby

    • I don’t remember. This was from two weeks ago. This week’s infusion is typically worse, but so far I’m bearing it a little better. It’s kind of hard to predict so I just schedule kindly (when possible) and cut myself a lot of slack.

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