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July 5, 2016

Steroids are a helpful drug.  They reduce inflammation, reduce pain, and make my body stop trying to kill me.  Those are the good points.

There are bad points, too:

  • Steroids also make me agitated, as in “I will punch you in the throat” agitated.
  • Steroids upset my stomach, which is all glamour all the time.
  • Steroids keep me awake.  Need me to re-organize your garage?   Is 4am ok for you?  Because that’s a super-duper time for me.  I’ll have just finished re-organizing my spice cabinet by then.

So, steroids are completely helpful if you need to be punched in the throat, lose weight, and have odd jobs done ’round the clock.

Helpful.  Yeah, that’s what I call them.  (mutter, mutter)


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  1. Cyn permalink

    hahahaha!! They affect me the same way too and let’s add dehydration and water retention…how can it be both????

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