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If Only I Could Whistle

May 25, 2016

The Good:
My Relapsing Polychondritis is mostly quiet lately.  I’m not in much pain, I have energy, and I’m able to be quite active.  I am eating well, I’m walking a lot, and I have lost a bit of weight.  At times I feel nearly normal!

The Bad:
I was at a trade show last week and worked waaaaay too hard.  I was showing off my new product line, gave a presentation, was photographed for a book with a bunch of fellow designers, was offered a really cool opportunity (the ink isn’t dry yet so mum’s the word), and basically just ran around with all of the important folks in my industry.  My feet were blistered and my blisters had blisters on them!  My ear started tingling (uh-oh, RP warning!), but nothing came of it. PHEW!

The Ugly:
Badly blistered feet + drugs that leave me vulnerable to infection = my one foot is infected and I can’t walk on it.  I’m babying it, tending it carefully, and watching for blood poisoning.   Is that ugly enough?


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