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One Week Later

April 3, 2016

Last Sunday, I spent most of the day in bed.  I was in agony and could barely walk.  This Sunday, I was up and out of the house early for a maple festival breakfast before church and am now home cooking up meals for the week*.

Relapsing Polychondritis is a guessing game.  The disease takes away bits of my life.  The treatments and side effects take away bits of my life.  In between those times, however, are some good moments.  I look for those and don’t waste a minute.


*I love to cook, especially big messy cooking days where I’m pre-cooking a bunch of meals for the freezer.  If I hated to cook, I wouldn’t waste my good days doing something I hated.  These big cooking days are also a way I can care for my husband who spends so much time and effort caring for me.  If, when I’m working or sick, he can pull a good dinner from the freezer and eat well without too much effort, that makes me so so happy!


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