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Expecting the unexpected

March 27, 2016

So I had this awful virus last week and it kicked my butt.  I was too tired to even sit up; I worried my cat because I napped on “his” sofa for two whole days.  I could tell when the virus had run its course and felt loads better all at once.  Still coughing, sneezing, sore, weak, and tired, but loads better.

I caught up on a few necessary chores yesterday and was looking forward to another good day today.  Well… that didn’t happen.

I have Relapsing Polychondritis, an autoimmune disease.  Stress makes my disease flare up.  I know this because every stressful period (my dad’s death, being stuck in a foreign country with visa problems, enduring 24-40 hours of air travel) has been followed by a flare up.  Did you know that fighting off a virus is stressful for the body?  I know that now!

I woke up in the middle of the night with my joints screaming in pain.  That ended my sleep and let me know that today was going to be a rough one.  Even before I got sick last week, we had planned a quiet Easter with just my husband and I.  I didn’t have to worry about company, cooking, cleaning, entertaining, or traveling, but I desperately wanted to go to church.  I got myself ready, my husband walked me into church, I sat the whole service, and then my husband walked me back out.  I was tickled to spend Easter with my church family, even feeling awful.

The rest of my Easter was spent napping and mentally preparing for my infusion tomorrow.  I feel awful today; I will feel awful-er tomorrow.  But I have hope that the treatments will knock this disease back and that I’ll get a good day or two again in the future.


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