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Glass Half Full

February 1, 2016

Today is another “everything hurts and I can’t make it stop” day.  I mean that it hurts.  Hurts. HURTS!  I struggled walking into church this morning and sat through the entire service.  I’ve also done a fair impersonation of a bump on a log today because even the thought of moving makes me cry.  This pain is either from the physical stress of last week’s international travel or an abrupt weather change, but I really think it is the weather.  I also think that I need to talk to my doc about some pain relief for the really awful days.  I try to sleep to make the pain go away, but the pain keeps me from sleeping much/well so I need a new strategy.

Not wanting to be consumed by the negative, I am looking for the positive in today.  The best I can come up with is “my house isn’t on fire” and “they restored the US ending to Pride & Prejudice on Netflix.”  So at least there’s that.  Also, I still have hope that tomorrow will be better.


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