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January 11, 2016

I never chose to get Relapsing Polychondritis.  I didn’t ask for it and I can’t get rid of it.  This was handed to me and I have to make the best of it.

I did choose to fight.  I am trying to live healthfully.  I choose to take medications that improve/prolong my life.   By choosing this, I have chosen to have a compromised immune system (side effect of drugs).  I hate to think of how ill I would be without these drugs, if I would even still be alive.

Some parents have chosen to not immunize their children.  They knowingly put their child at risk of preventable illnesses and knowingly put me at risk from these same illnesses.

I have now been exposed to whooping cough and am waiting to hear the doctor’s plan.  Do I need to be re-immunized?  Do I need to be treated with antibiotics before I show symptoms?  I am waiting for the plan.

I now have another choice to make:  do I limit my time with these people since they are putting my health at risk (in addition to that poor child suffering from preventable whooping cough)?  A piece of my heart would die if I no longer saw this precious child.

I don’t like my options and can’t bear to even think about this choice.


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