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Good News. Bad News.

December 8, 2015

Good News:  My infusions are working!  They are suppressing my immune system.  This will help slow the progress of Relapsing Polychondritis which is trying to destroy my body.

Bad News:  My infusions are working.  They are suppressing  my immune system.  I am unable to fight off germs and other disasters.  I am now sick.

Good News:  I am home for a month.  No business trips.  I have time to get my house in order and reconnect with friends.  I have plans to bless a few people with meals during this month at home.

Bad News:  I am home for a month, but I am now sick and have to cancel the plans I’ve made with my friends.  I have to cancel the meals I’ve planned to make and deliver because I’m too sick to cook and seeing people now puts me at risk of further illness.  I can’t do much cleaning/organizing in my house because I don’t have the strength to do stairs more than once a day.

Good News:  My husband is one of the best men on earth.  He does what I am unable to do without complaint and doens’t blame me for being a drain on our relationship and finances.

Bad News:  None.


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