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Moving Along

December 2, 2015

I need to start this post by stating emphatically that I am currently healthier than I ever expected I would be again.  The drugs I am on are working and I can live a nearly normal life (or as normal a life as a weirdo like me is going to live).  I am happy and I am grateful.  Relapsing polychondritis still has its way with me, though, and the side effect from my drugs kick my butt at times.  I had my last infusion treatment 7 days ago and won’t have another for about four months. F our.  Blessed.  Months.

The side effects of the infusion treatment plus the side effects of my regular weekly drugs are always fun when they pile on top of each other and gang up on me.  I am usually fatigued, dizzy, wired (from steroids) and have a headache from the treatment.  Then I move into the “should I throw up and then faint or should I instead faint and vomit while unconscious” stage every time I smell food or consider eating.   Fortunately I am moving along and that stage ended on Sunday night.  I can now stand the smell of food and have even considered eating something.

Like just now.  I ate a bite of a sweet treat that super-hubby bought to entice me.  (He watched what I eat — or don’t eat — very carefully and knows that I haven’t eaten much in the last 10 days.)  That bite of pastry is when I discovered that I’ve entered the “mouth sores” stage of treatment.   Oh goodie!

I spend most of my life nauseous and unable to eat.  How am I still overweight?  This is one of the world’s greatest mysteries.


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