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Because Three is Better

November 11, 2015

Do you enjoy picking out your health insurance plan once a year?  I don’t.  I picked it out last October.  Then my husband’s company was sold on July 1, so I picked another health insurance plan (Twice).  And now it’s time to pick it again (Third time in 12 months).  The choices are so vastly different each time that this is a brain bender.

I take one VERY expensive drug.  It bills at $25,000 three times a year.  My plan in January had me responsible for 25% of that and the cost didn’t apply to the deductible.  That’s basically $19K/year.  Good times.

In July, the plan we were offered had my $25,000 drug costing $60 three times a year.  That. Was. Awesome.  Alas….

The choices this time were less awesome.  The drug that cost $75,000 a year I mean $19,000 a year I mean $180 a year is now going to cost $2500 a year as I hit my personal out of pocket maximum.  So, $2,500 a year is better than $19,000 a year (captain understatement here), but far worse than the joyful $180 I had for 6 months.

It’s a miracle I don’t drink.


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