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Great Googlie-Mooglie

October 24, 2015

I am in Houston and we are having weather.  Lots and lots of weather.  To make it more fun and interesting, Hurricane Patricia is expected to visit us here soon, joining the already vicious weather.  Apparently, there are also roving gangs of violent horses running through this city.  They broke into my hotel room last night and trampled me in my sleep.

This is the biggest and most important event in my industry and I’ve worked the last few months getting ready for this.  Sadly, I want to stay in bed and weep today rather than promote my new product line and tell everyone how Happy! and Exciting! it is to be here.


Off to work now; watch me smile!


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  1. Carole Boshart permalink

    Tell the horses to stay in the corral! Bribe them with apples and sugar cubes! Let me know if I should send you a cowboy to herd them back to the barn. Or maybe there is an amiable one wandering around. And I’ve heard dark chocolate is a pretty good antidote for horse tramplin’. Of course, I think it is a pretty good antidote for just about anything! Hoping you can smile a mile!

    • I keep reminding myself that “trampled by horses” is better than surviving a direct hit by 200 mile/hour winds, which was the expected severity of the hurricane in Mexico.

      All is well. The horses are mostly back in their barn.

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