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The Sweet Spot

October 11, 2015

I am in the middle of a crazy, busy, overworked, overstressed time of life called October.  I have routinely worked until midnight or 1am.  I have awakened in a panic a 3:30 (after working until midnight) and gone back to my office to get in hours more work before the sun came up.  Every day is the same:  work as much as I possibly can.

I finished work for this current project (three more yet to do) last night at midnight.  I set my alarm for 2:45 am.  I am now in Denver, CO and have nothing to do.  I finished this current project and will start filming tomorrow.  I need to be home to work on the future projects.  I have nothing to do today.

I could go to the zoo.  It is 90*F and sunny and the animals live outside.  I didn’t bring sun clothing with me, so no zoo.

I could get a massage.  They are booked full.

I could do several other things, but they are too far away or too sunny or not fun to do alone.

Today I am going to spend a day in bed (after sleeping through two flights) and doze through Netflix television episodes.  I might walk downstairs to the hotel restaurant to pick up food at some point, but it’s Sunday and I care very little for food on Sundays so I also might not.

I’m enjoying this oasis of calm in between the rest of this crazy month.


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