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May 13, 2015

… is exhausting 

It saps my will to follow through with good decisions.  It makes chocolate and drive-through fast food much more attractive than standing to cook a healthy meal. 

It makes me laugh at the thought of exercising. 

It depletes my energy so I have nothing left to invest in future projects.

It makes a single flight of stairs look like Mt. Everest. 

It causes a hairdryer to weigh two tons and makes ponytails look like a good idea. 

It makes walking between terminals at an airport feel like a Death March. 

It breeds complacency. My “good enough” threshold is incredibly low right now. 

It makes me cranky and impatient.  I’m often not very nice. Biting sarcasm is my first language. 

It makes me feel old and sick.  It makes me feel a little hopeless. 

It makes people feel sorry for me. I hate that. 

It makes the next three days at a conference look daunting. I’m not excited about it; I’m already tired tomorrow and want a nap. 

It needs to go away and leave me alone. 


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