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My Ears are Itching to Hear

April 28, 2015

Conversations.  Questions.  Prayers.  Sermons.  Movie dialogue. Flight change announcements at airports.

These are things I wish I could hear.  Sadly, my hearing is just at the threshold of normal but damaged enough that I have trouble understanding words.

I had my yearly hearing test today.  My last ENT was fine, but I wanted one closer to home.  EXCELLENT MOVE!  The ENT today was fantabulous and I am his second case of RP in his career.  He wonders if I also have Meniere’s (so do I) but I’m not obviously symptomatic yet.  The audiologist today was fantabulous as well.  He understood that I can’t understand speech and suggested hearing aids.

I’m going back tomorrow to check out some hearing aids and see if they help.  Then I will see if insurance will pay for them (likely, it won’t).  Then I will see if I can afford them and if I’m willing to go without food to hear more clearly.

I wish the world worked like this:

Me:  I can’t hear
World:  You should get hearing aids
Me:  OK

Sadly, it’s a much more involved process than that with more “would I rather eat or hear?” type of questions.

Can you hear me sigh?


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