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Like a BOSS!

April 9, 2015

My success with the “standing up, unassisted” is continuing.  Several times this week, I have dropped to my knees in a public space just to prove that I can rise again unassisted while saying loudly and proudly, “I can stand up, LIKE A BOSS!!!”  Yes, I need to get out more.

Now that I’ve met that goal, I have another.  I was at the hospital today (regular maintenance stuff) and I talked to the nurse for a while.  I told her how well I’m doing and she agrees!  I am on two forms of chemotherapy (weekly pills and periodic IV treatment), an anti-gout med (I don’t have gout but it keeps the costochondritis at bay), a light pain medication (just so my bone pain doesn’t make me cry in my sleep), and a diuretic (because my legs are swollen).  The chemotherapy is non-negotiable, but I am no longer taking any steroids, I’m slowly reducing the anti-gout medication, and I’m trying to not take the pain medication.  My sights are set on the diuretic.  My legs are no longer swollen AT ALL!  I think I might be able to decrease the dosage of the diuretic if I improve my overall health (aka ‘lose weight’).

Suddenly, I don’t feel like a boss anymore.

(Whispering:  “I think I can?”)


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