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Manual Labor

March 31, 2015

Last week was a tough week at work.  I had to set up and tear down a trade show.  Set up was completely on me and tear down had me doing the lion’s share of the work.

I hung things on the poles which involved climbing on a chair, hooking a hanging onto the pole, climbing down, moving a chair, repeating.  Endlessly.  I reversed this for tear down.  Every time I climbed on the chair and reached over my head, I kept remembering that this would have been impossible a few months ago.  I wasn’t happy that we were understaffed, but I was happy.

When it came time to tear down, I had to lift heavy equipment (50 pounds) and box it up.  Many times.  I had to fold heavy tables (50 pounds) and box them up.  Have you ever tried to lift a 50 pound table up in the air, alone, and then slide it into it’s styrofoam padded box?  Not fun.  I am not tall enough nor strong enough to do that, so I had to improvise and find a way to slide the table into a box to start, tilt the box up, and then tip the box so gravity could slide it in the rest of the way.  I wasn’t happy that I had to do all of this, but I kept remembering that it would have been impossible a few months ago.

I left the trade show sore and tired.  I was limping and nearly crawling by bedtime.  I was nervous that things would get worse over night.  Thankfully, they did not.

I am home from that trip, congratulating myself that my health is so awesome and that it was even possible to do that type of work.  Yay me!  Now it is snowing.  My drug is the magic sauce, but weather is still the boss.

Keeping it real.


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