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Mystery Solved

March 9, 2015

I had an infusion treatment on Tuesday, felt poorly through Wednesday but started to improve after that until Friday.  Things got much worse on Friday.  I had a ridiculous headache and a full-blown histamine response.  I remember dealing with this last time, but not nearly as bad as this.  I dripped and sneezed through Saturday night when I finally dropped into a Benadryl coma.

I woke up Sunday and realized that I, in fact, have a cold.  I think my body was so confused that it didn’t know how to react to the invasion.  It’s no longer confused and I am miserable.

On Tuesday, I remember a man sitting with his wife at the infusion center.  He spent his day next to her, but he was coughing and sneezing and blowing.  He is now my least favorite person on the planet.

Dear Sir:
When you drove your wife to her chemo treatment, were you not aware that you were sick? Were you not aware that she now has a compromised immune system as does EVERYONE ELSE WHO IS IN THE INFUSION CLINIC?  You got me sick.  You likely got other people sick.  May you be forever infested with the fleas from 10,000 camels.

I hope that this stays a cold and doesn’t get any worse.  I hope that this passes quickly since I have to leave town again on Tuesday and work a long and busy week/weekend.  I hope no one else became seriously ill and compromised their treatments.



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