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He said what?

February 2, 2015

I’ve missed church for the last few weeks due to an extended business trip, so today was my first Sunday to try the hearing assistance device.


It actually worked!  I didn’t have to pester my poor husband once during the service with a “Did the pastor just say ‘rubber duckie’?” question.  Next Sunday, though, I’ll bring my own earbuds.  The one provided slips over the upper ear. I have a cauliflower ear (damage from this stupid disease because losing hearing due to this disease isn’t enough) and my ear was too thick to fit through the opening.  I would think that any headset would work, right?

I have a huge (HUGE!) work project that will be over by Valentine’s Day and I promise to call the audiologist soon after then to make an appointment.  I don’t know if he will think that I need a hearing aid, but I do know that the people in my life are getting tired of repeating themselves.

I do have a bunch of different ways of saying “huh?” now.

  • “I beg your pardon?”
  • “Excuse me?”
  • “Could you repeat that?”
  • “I’m sorry?”
  • “Did you say….?”
  • “How’s that?”
  • ….

Any other suggestions?


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