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Fourteen Days

November 12, 2014

I just endured fourteen very scary days where I had breathing troubles.  The thought of walking a flight of stairs made me weep.  I am not a thin woman.  I am not considered “in shape.”  I am, however, typically capable of walking 50 feet without needing to sit and rest.  This came on me suddenly with no warning at all.  I wish it would disappear quickly and completely.

Fortunately, I am breathing easier.  I am not 100% better, but stairs don’t make me cry.  If I ask my husband to fetch me a drink now, it is because I am lazy rather than because I am unable to walk to the kitchen.

I got some test results today.  There is some funky stuff going on between my heart and lungs but the doctor isn’t too concerned.  I’ll be going for more tests in the next few weeks to see if something (or nothing? please?) needs to be done.

Even if this goes away completely and never comes back, I will never be the same.

I am grateful for each breath I take and each step it enables me to make.

So, so grateful.


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