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Eh? What’s that?

September 21, 2014

I was tickled to wakeup in my own bed this morning!  I slept too long and was a few minutes late for church, but I GOT TO GO TO CHURCH!  That is thrilling for me. I work most weekends and rarely make it to church. I try to get to Wednesday prayer meetings as often as I can, but Sunday service?  That is a special treat!

Yesterday I noticed that my “good” ear wasn’t hearing so well.  In church this morning, I noticed it even more.  Apparently the latest round of ear flares is taking out my hearing.  Oh, goodie.  I was running out of things to worry about.  I actually had to ask another churchgoer was the pastor said. I can normally figure out sentences if I think about them long enough, but one phrase kept eluding me.  Not hearing can be annoying, but I choose to see it as funny as often as I can.  When I asked for help, the looks on the parishoners faces let me know they didn’t find it annoying or funny.  I hate when people feel sorry for me!


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