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Staggering with Relief

September 19, 2014

In early August, I found out that I would be starting a new treatment that is very expensive.  I have been calling the billing office, the insurance company, and the pharmaceutical company for weeks, trying to figure out how much this is going to cost me.  The final number were:

Treatment:  $40,800
My out of pocket Co-Pay:  $10,200

I am grateful that I am working and can afford part of that copay, but it will hurt and next year will be ugly and the year after will be even uglier as our emergency funds are depleted.  This disease could destroy us financially.

I just got off the phone with the pharmecautical company.  They are covering all but a few hundred dollars of my co-pay for my upcoming treatments.  I was waiting for God to do what only He could do, and HE DID!

How often do you have a conversation that takes over $10,000 of worry off your mind?

Now I can worry about the treatment, the side effects, and hopefully the improved health and I will no longer have to worry about buying food and heating oil for the winter.

I am crying with relief today.


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