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Potential Good News

August 13, 2014

I had to go to the doctor today for part one of pre-infusion testing. I was tickled that they allowed me to go to the office closer to my house rather than having me spend another 40-50 minutes in the car each way! The test was not a huge deal but the visit was memorable for two reasons:

1. When I checked in, this happened:

Receptionist: I can’t find your record. I found (insert my name), but she is too old to be you.
Me: born in 19xx?
Her: Yes, that’s the record I have. Do you get confused with her often?
Me: That’s me.
Her: (stunned, speechless)
Me: I’m a grandma. I’m really that old.
Her: But you look like you are in your 20s!
Me: Let’s be best friends!

Some variation of this happens every. single. day and I am well aware that I look much younger than I actually am. I cannot lie — it’s pretty fun.

2. While I was there, I asked my new BFF if there was an infusion center at this location. There is! I do not know for sure that I could go there instead of the further office where my rheumatologist is, but I’m hopeful. My friend (an old friend, not my new BFF) is already planning to drive me and hang out while I’m hooked to the IV, but I would feel so much happier if she didn’t have to drive me far away to do it. I am so excited by that possibility!


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