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What. The. Heck?

May 24, 2014

I’ve been writing infrequently over the last several months because I’ve been feeling pretty OK most days.

And then there’s today.

What on earth happened?  A huge truck apparently spent the night running back and forth over me.  I haven’t felt this bad in over a year.  Every joint is swollen and painful and I have given serious thought to cutting my hands off.  I stood at the bottom of a flight of stairs this afternoon and nearly wept at the thought of climbing them.  My house doesn’t have an elevator, so I crawled up the stairs from my garage.  I’m not looking forward to crawling up another flight to get to my bed tonight.

I was under excruciating work stress earlier this week — 36 hours of “I want to throw up” and couldn’t eat and couldn’t sleep.  It’s mostly resolved and I’ve been taking things kind of easy, hoping to counter the stress-bomb that just hit me.

I hope all of the pain is from the ridiculous weather we’re having and not a major RP flare-up.  If this is from weather, the pain will go away when the weather changes.  If this is from RP, that’s a whole other discussion.

My final word for tonight:  Ow.


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  1. Carole Boshart permalink

    I am sorry to hear it is a tough day. We have all too many of them. And I know from experience – painful experience – that the stress of work can bring on pain and flares. Weather is a nasty culprit too. Hoping and praying for clear warm sunny skies in your weather and in your health!

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