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Scary Side Effects

May 7, 2014

Last week the doctor prescribed a new medication. They warned me that it was related to a drug I am allergic to but that there was only a 2% chance of reaction. Fortunately I’m among the 98% and didn’t react.

In the week I’ve been taking this drug, I’ve had several nights of vivid and horrifying dreams that have left me exhausted. I’m barely functioning the morning after. By horrifying, I mean realistic blood and gore and murder and death of family members. Last night was particularly bad. My husband finally thought that they might be due to the new drug. I looked up the uncommon side effects and, wouldn’t you know it, it listed nightmares.

I am off that drug and am now taking something else.

I’m so grateful for the drugs that are keeping me out of a wheelchair. I live with the damage these drugs cause, but I often forget the possibility of allergy or adverse side effect that makes a drug the wrong choice for me.

I just want this to be easier.

I just want some sleep.


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