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Now and Then

February 21, 2014

A year ago today I posted about hearing loss.

This year I’m still dealing with hearing loss, but it’s not any worse than it was last year. That is wonderful news for me. A year ago, I was wondering how I was going to afford hearing aids and what it would be like to be completely deaf. Since my hearing hasn’t deteriorated in a year, I just live with the annoying details of hearing loss.

“I beg your pardon?”


“Could you repeat that?”

My family puts up with me and repeats themselves whenever necessary, sometimes spelling words that I just can’t grasp.  My husband, a kind soul, stomps his feet when he walks into a room so I can feel the vibration through the floor.  Otherwise, I scream and throw things when he suddenly shows up next to me.  With his stomping feet, I don’t need to buy as many new dishes.

The best news about not losing any more hearing over the last year is:  I heard my first grandchild cry; it is the sweetest sound in the world.  He also makes cute little noises when he sleeps … and I heard them.


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