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Long Silence

January 31, 2014

I can explain my blog silence in a few words:  I don’t feel sick.

It’s a challenge to remember to take my medications because most of the time I don’t remember that I have a disease.  How awesome is that?

  • I am not the picture of health — I’m overweight and out of shape, my hearing is spotty, and I fall down when I get tired — but I am so much better than last January!
  • I am looking forward to a new grandbaby.  Soon, very soon.
  • I am seeking new career challenges.  I had put “new challenges” on hold for a year and only concentrated on keeping my current commitments.  I’m back and ready to kick butt!

My biggest health challenge this week.

ME: “Honey, can you come here?”  My husband walked over to where I was sitting and started talking to me.  “Shhh.  You need to be quiet.  Do you hear a noise?”
HIM:  “That buzzing noise from the lightbulb?  Yeah, I hear it.”
ME:  “That’s a real noise?  Good.  As you were.”  I waved him away.

My concerns aren’t “What is that noise?” but rather “Is that a real noise or are my ears playing tricks on me?”

I know that things can go sideways for me at any time, but that is true for any person, diseased or not.  I am RUNNING into the next year with hope and excitement, grateful for what I’ve learned in the last 18 months.

I will post again, but I hope it’s after another long silence because I’ve completely forgotten all about Relapsing Polychondritis.


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  1. Carole Boshart permalink

    I have days like that too – when it fades the background. But then there are days it roars to the head of the line saying, “Make way! Sick person! Can’t do anything else be sick!” I hate days like that! Hope you have many good days! Carole

    • nolongeraboutme permalink

      I hope we both have many, many good days to come!

      And a cure. I’m still hoping they fix whatever is broken in me.

  2. Hi there: just got diagnosed last week . I’m female and 47. This disease has been working on me silently for years. I wish I had all your knowledge – I’m headed to your archives. I did this once before. Sixteen years ago I beat back hepatitis C. I fought it hard with Interferon and it is still in remission after 16 years. That is how I want to fight this RPC. The day they diagnosed me they mentioned Methotrexate. Pretty damn scary. If you had to tell me 10 things you wish you knew – what would they be? Please tell me.

  3. Hi there, This might be a duplicate post, if It is, I apologize. I was diagnosed last week, hit me from out of the blue. Unfortunately this disease has been hurting me ( not so silently) for a number of years. They mentioned methotrexate within 20 minutes of diagnosis. That stinks. I fought and won against Hepatitis C sixteen years ago. It went away after a year on Interferon and anti virals. Will I get that same chance with RPC? If you could tell me ten things you wish you knew then about RPC , what would they be? Please share your wisdom with me, I am afraid.

    Mrs. Callahan

    • nolongeraboutme permalink

      I am flying to Australia today and will use the time to think about the “ten things I wish I knew then.” I’ll post it when I get internet access.

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