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Doctor Day

November 11, 2013

I had yet another Doctor Day last week.  This time I visited the ENT.

I had a hearing test and, on that day at least, my hearing was a little better than it was a year ago.  Yay!  A few days later, I am convinced that my hearing is worse again, but it is apparently not a huge problem.

I also had a camera shoved up my nose and down my throat.  They found a few (minor?) problems with my throat.  I am not surprised and I am not worried.  The doctor wants me to go to speech therapy to keep from damaging my throat when I talk.  Since I talk LOUDLY for a living, I think that this is probably a good idea.

I have had a stressful two months with my health.  The final results seem to be:

  • I have to watch my kidneys/bladder but there is no immediate concern
  • I do not have breast cancer (YAY!)
  • I still fall down and the doctor thinks PT will help.  I am less than convinced.
  • My hearing is not an immediate issue
  • My throat needs some love, but is also not a huge worry
  • My food poisoning has been cured, but my body is still angry with me.  I will see a gastroenterologist to try and get some help.
  • My disease flared up from the stress of the food poisoning, but it is once again controlled by medication.

Overall, I am quite pleased with these results.  If only they could have told me all of this at the beginning of September, I wouldn’t have been so worried!



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  1. SAK permalink

    Hello. I sort of stumbled onto your blog while doing a periodic check to see what was new in treatments for RP (if anything). I have had RP for 12 years or so. I notice you mentioned in one entry there not being a specialist to visit. Dr Jane Bucker of the Benaroya Research Institute of Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle specializes in RP. I went to visit her although I don’t live in Seattle and she was not covered by my insurance, it was the best money I ever spent. see
    There are a lot of drugs out there, and I suppose I am on my 5th try or so, but this one works pretty well. It took time to find the right combination, but Dr Buckner has worked with my local doc. Yes I flare whenever I get sick or stressed, but I am still working at my job and living a pretty normal life. RP is quite variable but I was very sick at the start, and Dr Buckner helped a great deal.

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