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The JOY of good companions

November 1, 2013

I am at a major work event and had to skip my post yesterday.  On Wednesday, I left for work at 7:30 and got back to my hotel at 10:45pm.  I had no time off during those hours, unless you consider sitting in a traffic jam from the convention center, creeping past the basketball game traffic, and then sitting in the overturned tractor trailer traffic… in the rain.  It was delightful (sarcasm font).

I got very little sleep last night and left for work at 7:30 again this morning.  I had not one second to breathe until after 7pm.  I volunteered to drive a few colleagues back to their hotel and they talked me into going out for a fancy dinner.  I had many reasons to say no — I am exhausted, I am stumbling tonight, and my expenses on this trip come out of my own pocket.  I threw all of those reasons aside and said yes.

We went to The Four Seasons — swanky!  I ate an incredible butternut risotto (nearly licked the plate clean) and the company was a refreshing delight.  I spent the evening talking work with three lovely ladies and we shared the joys of our jobs with each other.  We expressed our gratitude about having the opportunity to do work that we love.  When female work companions get together, there can be less-than-sweet conversation, especially about people who aren’t at the table.  There was not a hint or whiff of that.  I wouldn’t have expected it of these ladies and they lived up to my expectations.

The joy went beyond the sweet dinner conversation.  I am struggling today.  I am incredibly tired and not too steady on my feet.  I am always a step or three away from skinning my nose on the floor.  I hate to walk with my cane when I’m working, but I realized that it would be far worse to fall flat on my face.  My work colleagues understand my medical challenges and helped me through this evening.  They took their time while I walked slowly.  They argued with me until I let them carry my bags.  Two friends caught me as I pitched forward in a parking garage and one friend had to help me off a curb.  They didn’t look at me with pity, but with the realization that I am having some problems walking this evening.

My dinner companions are one of my joys for tonight.  My pillow is going to be my other joy tonight — in about 3 minutes.

This is my last post for the month of October.  I have been blessed beyond measure by spending a month writing about JOY.  I will probably pick a new theme for another month.  Thank you for joining me on this journey.


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