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The joy of sarcasm

October 14, 2013

My “joys” (sarcasm font) of the day, so far:

I did not suddenly recover from my food poisoning overnight.
Loading my luggage into the car in the pouring rain
Finding every line at the pharmacy was waiting for manager assistance
Gassing up my rental car in the rain
Returning my rental car in the rain
Finding no curbside check in for my luggage
Finding no luggage cart for my luggage
Wrestling my luggage from the rental car to the airport in the rain with no extra hands for an umbrella
Checking in for my flight and finding my first flight delayed
Checking in for my flight and finding my second flight missing –not cancelled, just missing

This all happened before I boarded. I still have 3 flights to go.

I contracted food poisoning. I accept it. I am grateful for drugs but wish they worked better. I am being as kind to myself as possible today and trying not to worry too much about it.

I hate traveling in the rain. I plan for this by packing a coat and headscarf expecting I won’t always have a spare hand for an umbrella.

I often find airports that offer no luggage assistance to travelers. I think it is a bad call on their part, but I have come to accept it. I never have more luggage than I can carry. I stack 2 bags in each hand and it is difficult but possible.

My delay is minor so far. The ticketing agent was confused as to why my middle flight went “poof!”. She found it, though, and printed out my ticket. Fingers crossed! No matter what happens, I will get home. The airline owes me that and will fulfill their obligations.

While I am not overjoyed at these difficulties, they are not robbing me of my overall joy. I have my phone and a book and my Bible study homework. In between flights (and bouts of illness) I will find some joyful moments, I am certain.


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