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Can you hear me now?

October 7, 2013

My day didn’t start with joy.  My day started out with a broken cell phone charger.


I am away on a business trip and won’t have enough juice in my phone to get my home.  Grrrr.

I went to work today, constantly reminding myself to buy a new charger after work.  I went to the only store that I could find open on a Sunday night and all of their phone chargers were expensive ($20+).  I bought one, but I was not excited about spending the money while I have spare phone chargers at my house.

I drove to the airport hotel this evening and chatted with the girl at the counter for a while.  I asked if they might have a spare charger left by a previous guest — they did.  SCORE!

I am borrowing their charger tonight and, if all goes well (my flights are on time and I don’t get stuck at an airport), I will return the newly purchased unopened charger when I get home tomorrow.  I can afford the charger, but I really hate to waste money buying something that I already have.  I have a lot of high medical bills coming my way and the $20 from the charger will go toward those bills.

I’m so pleased that I found unexpected joy in a hotel lost and found box!


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