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When Joy falls down

October 1, 2013

I have been fairly upbeat lately and expected that I would have no trouble “counting it all as joy” this month.

Well, joy fell down, or rather, I fell down… again.  I haven’t hit the ground in a few weeks and I put the cane away.  I guess it’s time to get the cane back out.

I am counting this fall as a joy because:

  • maybe this will finally convince me to start PT like my doctor suggested (still not sure about that)
  • I managed, once again, to not land face first.  YAY!
  • I fell on my right knee again.  I damaged this knee when I took a nasty spill in August.  At least I don’t have TWO badly damaged knees?
  • I landed on my left hand, which is not my dominant hand.
  • I hurt my left shoulder when I fell.  Not sure how this is joy, but counting it as one anyway.
  • I fly out again on Thursday, newly humbled and reminded that every step is a gift that I cannot take for granted.



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