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Pick a Card, Any Card…

September 19, 2013

I am playing that game, but it is with specialists.  From those mentioned below, which specialist would you choose?

In January, my OSTEOPATH ran a routine urinalysis.  I flunked.  She ran another and I flunked it as well.  She sent me to a UROLOGIST.  He ran a bunch of uncomfortable and invasive tests and said that my bladder was in good shape and that he wasn’t concerned.  In April, I saw my RHEUMATOLOGIST and told her that I had seen more of my bladder than I ever cared to.  She felt that the bladder wasn’t the cause of the problem, but rather the kidneys.  My pain medication is known to cause kidney damage.  She told me to stop taking it for a few weeks (that was not fun) and then run another urinalysis.  I did that and all was well in May, except that I am now living life without any pain medication.  Yesterday morning, I saw my RHEUMATOLOGIST again and asked if I needed to have further kidney tests to check for damage.  She felt that no symptoms = no problems.  That sounded like good news, until I saw my GYNECOLOGIST yesterday afternoon.  She ran a routine urinalysis and I flunked.  Sound familiar?  I haven’t taken that pain medication since April, so… what the heck?  I re-did the test this morning and might get to visit my friendly UROLOGIST again soon, or perhaps a NEPHROLOGIST.  That sounds like fun, right?

I chose this problem from the list of problems that were found during yesterday’s doctors visits and am taking one step at a time.  I am now waiting for test results to see what happens next.  I made a gazillion other doctor appointments today to deal with the other issues, but those are for another day.

By the way, which specialist did you choose?


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