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Can you hear me now?

August 15, 2013

I am making a definite effort to lower my monthly bills.  Everything is up for consideration; nothing is safe.  My husband and I are having dinnertime discussions and we rarely disagree about these decisions.  When we do disagree, it is no big deal.  He wondered if we needed a home phone line.  Since my office is in the house and cell phones do not work where we live, the answer is yes.  He shopped around until he was convinced we were paying as little for a home phone as possible.  We are both happy.

I subscribe to  It is a luxury, pure and simple.  When money gets tight, this will get cancelled immediately.  The only reason that I do not cancel it today is that I took some time to think about why I buy one audiobook a month.  I borrow books on CD from the library and I download digital audiobooks from the library website.  Sadly, not every book I want to hear is available through the library.  As I started to lose my hearing, I realized that one of the things I would miss most was listening to audiobooks while I go about my day, working, driving, doing chores, etc.  I decided that I was keeping the Audible account and enjoying it as long as my hearing lasted.

I had a few extra credits so I put my account on hold for 90 days.  That saved me 3 months of payments.

Once my account was reactivated, I saw that if I prepaid for a year, I saved 2 months of payments.


I declare my Audible bill as low as I am going to get it.  It will be the first thing I cancel when money gets tight, but until then… bring on the books.

File this under “B” for budgeting.


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