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When is saving money not worth it?

August 1, 2013

Because of the iffy economy and the uncertainty of this disease, I am working hard to cut expenses.  Just one of my prescriptions costs $900.  I am feeling quite well now (Praise God and may it continue!) and will hopefully be able to work for many years to come, but this disease is insidious and can change my life in an instant.

Over the last few weeks, I took a Defensive Driving course online to lower my car insurance payment.  This should save me several hundred dollars over the next three years.  It took less than 10 hours to sign up, take the course, and finish the paperwork with my insurance company.  This sounds like a good deal, but I want to add that for at least 7 of those 10 hours I would rather have repeatedly stuck myself in the eye with a screwdriver than sit at the computer and take the course.  It was slow and annoying and I hated every. single. minute of it.  My password for the course was “ihatethiscourse.”  It was BRUTAL!

BUT, I persevered and finished and will now enjoy the savings.  By the time I need to re-take this course, I may forget how painful it was?  (Didn’t work with labor, doubt it will work here.)


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  1. Marisha permalink

    Hi! I love your blog, your humor! You know, there have been several times that only readying your blog helped me to get up from bed and try to do something. I’ve got that RP too, and i got diagnosed approximately same time as you. Doctors know just nothing about RP, and i was sent home without any medication at all : ( Please, I so much need your advice sometimes, I wanted to contact you and could not find a better way than write you a comment here. My e-mail is country.rock2 at I really need to ask you couple of questions about medication

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