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Improving my Atmosphere

July 17, 2013

I am busy traveling for work, but I am still concerned with things at home.  I want my home to be a peaceful place, in both the relationships there and the physical environment.  Right now, a big part of the peace is coming from owning less stuff.

Recently un-acquired stuff includes:

  • about 15 shoeboxes that were stacked in my office, knowing I could use them someday.  Now the children at my church’s Vacation Bible School are using them.
  • a hot pink wig I bought when I was worried about my hair falling out.  Thankfully, it didn’t.  Unfortunately, I know a young woman who just had brain surgery and had her head shaved.  I offered the hot pink wig and she was thrilled!  It’s now hers.
  • I just bought a few new items of clothing and made myself discard an equal or greater number before I could wear the new ones.  The clothes I got rid of were so bad, I just threw them into the trash.

I enjoy looking at the places were things “used” to be.  It’s a huge bonus that other people can use what I no longer need!



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