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Gimme an S

July 12, 2013

In my word of the year, HABITS, the S can stand for Spirit or Soul.  The things that fill my soul and uplift my spirit are my relationship with God and my relationship with other people.

As I have been doing a slow clean-out and paring down my possessions, I discovered that I already own a lifetime supply of stationery and note cards.  I decided that I would try to use it.  All of it.  I also found a lot of postage stamps.  Some are the Forever stamps, but I also found stamps worth many lesser amounts.  I am practicing my arithmetic and attempting to use up the old stamps, putting several on each piece of mail until it equals the current first-class postage amount.  I have already made a trip to the post office, “I need seven 5-cent stamps and eleven 3-cent stamps, please,” to bring some old stamps up to the first-class amount.  I am sure I will make other weird purchases there soon.

I have been writing several notes a week to people near and far.  I have no idea if they will enjoy them or just shrug and discard them thinking, “an email would have been easier.”

Yesterday, though, I received a note in the mail.  It was from a friend who moved far away a few years ago.  She wrote, “Seeing your note put an instant smile on my face!  Thank you for thinking of me and I encourage you to bless others with your notes!”

I guess I will continue sending my notes.

Do you have any unused note cards at home?  Is there someone that you can bless today by writing a few lines to them?


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