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Sometimes Stress Is Unavoidable

July 10, 2013

The buzzing of my alarm at 3:00 am informed me that this was a travel day. My flight was scheduled for 6am. I could probably have slept another 30 minutes later and still made my flight but I choose to sacrifice a little sleep for a stress-free travel experience. Stress can cause this disease to flare up and I am working hard to avoid that.

It took longer than expected to check out of my hotel but I still felt within my time limit. I programmed the GPS to take me to the airport. I located an open gas station so I could refuel my rental car. It was all smooth sailing …

… Until I tried to gas up my car. I looked in the car to see which side the tank was on and parked next to the pump. I checked the dashboard for the gas tank lever and didn’t find one so I figured that it opened manually. Logical, right?

Not an easy yes or no question. I looked on the gas tank cover for the little finger cutout and didn’t see it. I went back in the car to look for the release lever. And looked. And looked. And looked. I pulled the manual from the glove box. I checked the table of contents. I checked the index. No information on the gas tank release. I checked the dash again. I flipped through the manual. I checked the dash again. Gah!

In absolute frustration I got out of the car, planning to pry open the stupid tank cover if necessary. I pulled gently on it with a fingernail and chipped my nail! I balled up a fist and smacked it against the cover …

… Which promptly popped open. Apparently I only had to push it to release.

I refilled the tank and still made it to the airport in plenty of time. I feel smart for allowing extra time but that smart feeling was more than offset by the “How dumb am I?” feeling of not being able to put gas in my rental car.

I will never buy a Chevy Cruze.


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  1. Nancy permalink

    I love your blog! I love your humor and your life force. I hope you keep writing, it is heartwarming, inspiring! Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Nancy! I plan to keep writing and hope to stay positive.

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